Our People


The current staff of the Clinic comprises:
Ms. Shellon Boyce, LLB, Attorney-at-Law, Managing Attorney
Ms. Sasha Roberts, LLB, Attorney-at-Law
Ms. Shameka Taitt, LLB, Attorney-at-Law
Ms. Nikita Edwards, LLB, Attorney-at-Law
Ms. Renée McDonald, LLB, Attorney-at-Law
Ms. Michelle Matthias, LLB, Attorney-at-Law
Ms. Darshanie Lall, LLB, Attorney-at-Law
Ms. Tonza Sarrabo LLB, Attorney-at-Law
Ms. Shaunessy Profitt, LLB, Attorney-at-Law
Ms. Rudrawatie Persaud, Office Manager
Ms. Suezette Whyte, Legal Clerk/Typist
Ms. Aneta Wong, Legal Clerk/Typist
Ms. Kenola Francis, Legal Clerk/Typist
Ms. Chatandai Khamraj, Legal Clerk/Typist
Ms. Nazeema Sohan , Legal Clerk/Typist
Mr. Kiewart Gullive, Clerk/Office Assistant
Ms. Desiree John, Cleaner, Region 4
Ms. Menawattie Coomar, Cleaner, Region 2

Board of Directors
The directors of the Clinic are all volunteers. Members are attorneys-at-law who have had a long association with legal aid in Guyana, representatives of civil society in the form of nominees of the Guyana Trades Union Congress, the Guyana Council of Churches, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Guyana Bar Association and the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers, and representatives of the government in the form of nominees of the Ministers of Human Services & Social security and Legal Affairs.

The current board:
Mr. Bishwa Panday, Chairperson
Ms. Yvonne Fox, Vice-Chairperson
Mr. Vishwamint Ramnarine, Treasurer
Ms. Josephine Whitehead, Secretary
Mr. Teni Housty
Mr. Kashir Khan
Ms. Deborah Kumar
Bishop Brinmore Phaul
Ms. Christine Bennett-Blair
Dr. Cona Husbands
Ms. Kimbely Yearwood

Volunteer Support
We have over the years benefited and continue to benefit from the voluntary services of attorneys-at-law in private practice, law students and others.

Please visit the Attorneys page to learn more about our attorneys