News from 2018

Updated 15 October, 2018

Farewell to Ms. Oneka Archer-Caulder
Ms. Archer-Caulder left the board consequent upon her departure from the attorney-general's chambers.

Farewell to Ms. Valensia Yansen
Ms. Yansen left the clinic in September 2018, having spent over 4 years at the Anna Regina office.

Welcome to Ms. Nikita Edwards
Ms. Edwards joined the clinic upon her admission to the Guyana Bar in October 2018.

Welcome to Mr. Tyson John Burke
Mr. Burke arrived in Guyana in September to begin a 6 months internship with the clinic under the Canadian Bar Association's Young Lawyers International Program.

Due to the success of previous internships, the clinic was Mr. Burke's first choice for assignment.

Welcome to new directors Ms. Oneka Archer-Caulder, Ms. Christine Bennett-Blair and Ms. Telisha Williams.
Ms. Oneka Archer-Caulder joined the board in March 2018 as the attorney-general's nominee in place of Ms. Prithima Kissoon. Ms. Archer-Caulder worked with the clinic as an attorney-at-law from August 2012 to September 2016, when she left to pursue a master's degree in the UK under a Chevening Scholarship. She is currently principal legal advisor in the attorney-general's chambers.

Ms. Christine Bennett-Blair, a chartered accountant, is the new Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry's nominee to the board, replacing Mr. Bishwa Panday, who is now a director in his own right.

Ms. Telisha Williams, an attorney-at-law attached to the Childcare & Protection Agency, joined the board in April 2018 as the Ministry of Social Protection's nominee in place of Ms. Joan Ann Edghill.

Farewell to Mr. Ashton Chase, OE, SC
Mr. Chase retired from the board of directors of the clinic in November 2017.
He is a founder member of the clinic and served as a director since the clinic's formation in 1993 and as chairperson since 2001.
Prior to the establishment of the clinic, Mr. Chase had also been a founder member and director of the Guyana Legal Aid Centre until the centre's closure in 1983.

Mr. Bishwa Panday is the new chairperson of the Guyana Legal Aid Clinic
Consequent upon Mr. Ashton Chase's retirement as director/chairperson of the board of the clinic, Mr. Panday was unanimously appointed to succeed him.

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