The Guyana Association of Women Lawyers - "The Law and You" Series

The Guyana Association of Women Lawyers launched “The Law and You” project in 1992, with funding from Futures Fund. 500,000 leaflets dealing with 31 topics were distributed all over Guyana and the response was overwhelming. The leaflets were first published in booklet form in 1993. A revised volume of the booklet - “The Law and You III” - was published in 2003 with funding provided by UNICEF.

In 2000, GAWL, with main financial support from the Canada Fund, produced “The Law and You II”. This booklet dealt with topics not covered in the first series and new and amended legislation.

The last reprint of The Law and You I and II was done in 2009 and as there were subsequently a number of new pieces of legislation, GAWL felt there was need for a revision of the booklets and decided to condense all into a new edition - The Law and You IV, which was made available to the public free of cost in 2011.

Due to limited space some of the topics previously covered do not appear in The Law and You IV but pertinent topics have been retained.

The information in the booklets should not be taken as legal advice for specific cases

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