Updated 19 April, 2019

Mr. Miles Greeves Fitzpatrick SC
Everyone at the clinic was extremely saddened by the death of Miles Fitzpatrick on 12 March 2019. He was not only a founder member of the current clinic but had played a leading role in the previous incarnation of legal aid in Guyana.

He was a remarkable man in so many ways and will be sorely missed.

Board changes
In March 2019, Ms. Deborah Kumar, Deputy Solicitor General, joined the board as one of the government's representatives, and Mr. Teni Housty replaced Ms. Keshia Chase as the Guyana Bar Association's representative on the board.

Canadian Bar Association's Young Lawyers Internship Program
Mr. Tyson Burke left the clinic towards the end of March 2019 at the conclusion of another very successful internship.

Such has been the success of the partnership between the clinic and the CBA, that internship at the clinic is one of the most sought after placements.

The clinic looks forward to welcoming another intern in September 2019.

2019 subvention

The clinic is most grateful to the government for the increase in its subvention for 2019, which will enable us to further enhance and expand our services.

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